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Auto Pot Air Dome

Auto Pot Air Dome
The Air Dome has been designed to increase the amount of air
around the root zone in the pot, If you are lucky enough to have
power in your greenhouse this little addition can increase yields
by upto 130%

It is very simple to use once assembled, which takes less then 30 seconds.
The AirDome is placed in the bottom of the pot,covered with compost and then connected to an air pump.
It is advisable to use a "fluffy" mix, such as 50% soil with 50% perlite,
This will provide plenty of air pockets within the mix, maximising the effectiveness of the AirDome.

AirDome contents
1x AirDome body.
1x 6mm cross connector.
4x Pieces of blue bubble pipe.
1x 0.5 metre lendth of clear air line.
1x Full instructions.

Price: 5.50 (Including VAT at 20%)